Hotel Laundry Service

Airbnb, VRBO, HomeAway Laundry Service

Owning a vacation rental can be a lot of work. Guests are constantly coming and going odd days of the week and you have to have the entire place clean before your next guests arrive. This includes what can be a ton of laundry. Multiple rooms mean multiple sets of sheets and blankets. Multiple bathrooms mean lots and lots of towels. If there is a pool that can mean pool or beach towels. And the kitchen will have oven mitts, kitchen towels and wash rags. That is a lot of laundry to get done in a short amount of time. 

If you use our linen cleaning service we will come to you. We will come to your location and pick up your laundry from you. We will wash, dry and neatly fold everything for you so that when you get it back, it is ready from immediate use. You have enough on your plate, let us do your laundry for you. 

What you can expect: 

  • Reasonable, Transparent Pricing
  • Quick, Reliable Turnaround Times
  • Pickup & Delivery
  • All-Inclusive Laundry Service
  • Customizable Pickup & Delivery Schedules
  • Separate Laundering

Frequently Asked Questions: 

  • Do you require a contract? 
    • No, we know that as long as we continue to give you exceptional service you will stay with us.
  • Will you wash my laundry with other client's items?
    • Absolutely not. We will wash your laundry separately from everyone else's laundry.
  • How often do you pick up and deliver?
    • We will come to your business as often as you need us to. 
  • What do you charge?
    • Cost depends on how often you need us to come out and what type of laundry that it is. We do offer special rates to our commercial accounts.

Servicing parts of Georgia and Alabama.

Columbus, GA - Fort Benning, GA - Phenix City, AL